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You don't need to be a mechanical genius to carry out routine adjustments or safety checks on your vehicle. Here are five tips which you may find useful.
1 Correct tyre pressure not only improves poor road holding but also assists driver's comfort level and can cure excessive steering weight when driving. Check the next time you stop for petrol it's quick and easy to do.
2 Windscreen wiper rubbers in good condition clear the screen, however, torn or damaged blades can scratch the glass (an MOT failure).
3 A quick look under the bonnet and regular servicing before long journeys may prevent a siezed engine. Check and top up oil level and brake fluid level if necessary.
4 Check all lights are in operation, this is a simple task and could prevent being stopped by traffic police. Remember you can avoid accidents by BEING SEEN!
5 Always make sure your handbrake is in good working order as this is your emergency brake in the event of foot pedal failure.